UK has first coal free day in over 100 years

For the first time in more than a century the UK just went an entire day without using coal power. The UK National Grid announced it didn’t need to burn any coal. sure it’s just one day but it marks a big step forward in the UK’s push to reduce emissions. The UK wants to phase out coal completely by 2025 and it’s well on its way in 2016 coal provided just nine percent of its power compared to twenty three percent and 2015 and as much as seventy percent in the 1980s. Coal is losing its place to wind and solar energy in the UK not only because they’re environmentally friendly but also because they’re safer and renewable, But those technologies still have a long way to go. Solar and wind accounted for just under sixteen percent of this day average energy generation in the UK. Gas power made up about fifty percent of the average energy generated

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